Doubling Down on Quality.

Located in the light industrial estate of Mitchel ACT sits a veteran kitchen manufacturer with a proud reputation. Adopting a philosophy surrounding three core principals; quality product, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, Mint Kitchens has become a fixture in the community and has grown considerably since its humble beginnings.

It was over 16 years ago and with a great emphasis for the quality of their work, business partners Vinnie Gudelj and Carlo Pasquariello met up with Altendorf Asia Pacific managing director Vit Kafka (then sales manager) to find the right machine that would lay the foundations for that quality. The company’s very first machine was the Altendorf Elmo 4. While some may consider this high-profile machine to be a larger investment than necessary for a startup, the two partners were committed to their quality first principle and was in turn rewarded by their decision as the years unfolded.  In keeping up with the joinery’s core values of outstanding craftsmanship, the Altendorf panel saw delivered highly precise and consistent cuts with unparalleled reliability year after year. Not only was quality of the cuts guaranteed, the time saving features of the machine also contributed the company’s principle of competitive pricing.

Starting with just the two working directors who tirelessly worked 7 days a week, the business garnered a solid reputation within its industry and saw year on year growth over the 16 years of operation.  Today, both directors are vested more than ever in a hands-on approach in ensuring quality, customer satisfaction and process optimization on the factory floor.

With a solid reputation, comes great demand. In 2017, with a constantly growing volume of work and an increasing need to uphold the quality for which the company is known for, it was time to commission a second saw. For the Canberra based business, the solution came in the form of an Altendorf Pro4U panel saw. Built on Altendorf’s latest chassis, complete with motorised rip fence, crosscut fence, tilt and fall adjustments, the machine is an amalgamation of Altendorf’s newest engineering innovations and is designed at its heart to deliver quality cuts at an increased level of productivity.

Both Vinnie and Carlo had praise for the professional and personal relationship of trust they’ve developed with Vit over the years. “Vit’s knowledge of product and expertise guided us towards a machine that was most suited to our needs.” The pair explains.

“We cabinet makers today are confronted with increasing material diversity and increasing labour costs,” Carlo elaborated, “so every investment needs to be well calculated and considered, each piece of the machinery we choose need to fit into our environment and should be as efficient and capable as possible.”

Vit Kafka agrees with that notion, “We make a wide range of excellent machines and the industry is aware of that,” he comments, “but what’s more important for our machine to contribute to the success of a business, is that it has to be the right solution.”

Vinnie and Carlo are clear about how they see the future of their business and it’s simple; to be the go-to quality supplier in the Canberra region. While Vinnie and Carlo are aware they have a long road ahead, with the right machinery choice and their ongoing passion for the business, the two agree that the end result will be well worth the effort.