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Machinery Financing Simplified

Altendorf has just introduced an effortless way for Australian businesses to fund their growth! Simply known as Altendorf Finance, it offers a range of no fuss flexible finance options for both new and used panel saws and edgebanders from Altendorf Group.

Why spend time saving up for an Altendorf machine when you can own the best of the best now? Altendorf finance lets businesses acquire the right machinery and start taking on more work and grow today. This new solution greatly streamlines the processes normally involved in the coordination of finance and machinery suppliers by the business owner.

“Our goal is to let business do what they do best, and let us worry about the rest.” Says Vit Kafka, Managing Director of Altendorf Asia Pacific. “Here at Altendorf, we’re always about the customer. Our new financing options allows us to help the growth of up and coming businesses as well as established businesses running multi-factory operations.”

Altendorf Finance is available on all machines from the Altendorf Group. This includes the company’s range of Hebrock edgebanders as well as its famous range of Altendorf panel saws. The importance of the perfect cut and the perfect edge in building the foundations of a competitive advantage cannot be underestimated. To find out how to start building with quality today, without losing time and going through the hassle of organising your own finance, contact Altendorf Asia Pacific today.


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