When you combine fine craftsmanship with top end machinery…

Located in Stapylton, home to the iconic big pie and drive-in cinema, sits an Australian owned business with a proud reputation. With an impressive portfolio of magazine coverages, media features and award winning accolades, Erwin’s Interiors and Cabinets is known in the industry for their craftsmanship.

Since the beginning of his career, Erwin values the need for utilising only the highest quality materials, hardware and woodworking machinery. It was almost 25 years ago, when Mr Erwin Van Dyk started in a modest single shed in Beenleigh and laid the foundation for the quality standards he is known for today with a second hand Altendorf Elmo Panel saw.

“We do a lot of precision, handmade work, take this Hampton style kitchen for example, you’ve got handmade capping moulds, 45 degree cuts on the skirtings, 42mm thick MDF Gables and wrapped frames around doors to overhead units,” Says Erwin as he pulls up one of his more recent installations, “These all need very precise angled cuts as well as square and reliable cuts to pull off. We do that all on that Altendorf saw.”

After 24 years of being in service, Erwin’s Altendorf was upgraded last year. “It’s not because there’s anything wrong with it, I simply wanted to go with something to further improve productivity, which in turn translates to more value for my customers.” Erwin explains. It was at AWISA 2016, where Erwin took on a package deal consisting of Altendorf’s WA 8 X Panel Saw and Cehisa’s Compact S edgebander.

“Because we’ve always had an Altendorf, the quality was always there, so productivity was the main improvement,” Says Erwin, “And it was a huge improvement. We could do everything we did before, at the same precision for my clients, but in less time and effort.” It wasn’t only the panel saw that turned out to be the right upgrade, but also the Cehisa Compact S edgebander purchased as part of the package. “The edgebander was fine tuned for our needs and does everything we require from it,” Erwin recalls, “We’re also very happy with our Altendorf technician who makes sure everything is running smooth.” The new touch screen features also proved to be invaluable. “To be honest I was sceptical about the new touch screen system, I’m always more of an old-school dials and levers kind of guy,” Erwin commented, “But I’ve got to give it to you, that touch panel is bullet proof, you get to every setting from one location and it was really a surprise how well it works.”

Having never advertised in the 24 years of business, a 15-week job lead time from purely recommendations and word of mouth is a testament to Erwin Interiors craftsmanship and principal of producing quality with quality machinery. With the same 4 joiners as Erwin has always had, but now upgraded machines, Erwin is confident in reaching out to more customers with his high quality installations for the decades to come.