Aldo’s Kitchens & Joinery

Established more than 30 years ago by Aldo Panozzo, Melbourne based Aldo’s Kitchens and Joinery’s long term philosophy of using only quality components and machinery has certainly served the business well throughout the years.

The primary workhorse at Aldo’s Kitchen and Joinery is their Altendorf Pro4U panel saw. One of the first of the new range of F45’s, the Pro4U features the PRO drive control unit to offer unprecedented ease of use, clarify and most of all, productivity. The control panel is capable of commanding up to four axes and puts all values and functions within the reach of the operator at a central location.

“The new Altendorf has made a big different to our work place,” Says Steve Panozzo, current owner of the successful business, “Productivity is increased and the cut quality is excellent, that’s value for our customers.”

Using only quality components and machinery, Aldo’s Kitchens and Joinery is a partnership between craftsmanship and proven machinery that will continue to carry the business into a successful future.