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Innovative twin tilt syste.

As one of the leading providers of sliding table saws, Altendorf’s machines are known for their quality
and precision. Vit Kafka, director of Altendorf Sales Centre East, shares the company’s design philosophy
and further plans with FDM Asia. By Sandy Sun

Innovative twin tilt syste.

FDM Asia: Can you tell us more about your new
products and their competitive advantages?
Vit Kafka (VK): At interzum Guangzhou, we showcased the Altendorf F 45 ElmoDrive, F 92X and Start 45 machines. The F 45 ElmoDrive has a two-way tilt option with two CNC fences which allows greater flexibility and productivity for customers with a variety of manufacturing needs. This is very significant and crucial for the customers. There are many benefits to this machine, such as not having to flip the board over, achieving a perfect angle cut, accuracy, easy handling and being able to link it with manufacturing software to name a few.

The decision to display the F 92X model is due to its immense popularity around the world and especially with the machine’s enormous success in China over the years. We also showed the Start 45, our entry level machine. This machine is manually operated and guarantees a straight cut. It provides customers with reliable and precise solutions  according to their needs while cutting solid wood, plastics and aluminium. FEATURES | FDM Asia may/jun 2017 31 FDM Asia: How do you design your machines?
VK: It is quite simple: we listen to our customers. That is the most important thing. Just as the old saying goes: we have both our feet on the ground. We get feedback from the market and that gives us diferent ideas. Usually, customers can tell us what is desired. The market situation is changing all the time, and we need to meet with the customers face-to-face to understand what their new requirements are, then we can use our experience and know-how to achieve these requirements and changes. In addition, we keep up with development trends by knowing what is currently happening and new in the industry. We then take that on board, put our best minds to it and innovate truly suitable solutions.

We have outstanding people in our team who come up with unbelievable ideas that prepare us for the future. Some of these ideas may not be essential today, but in five years or ten years, they may become significant. Upholding our reputation for being the best in the industry is very important to us and we work hard to ensure this is always the case in the future.

Vit Kafka - Director of Sales Centre East

FDM Asia: What kind of challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?
VK: Our company is represented worldwide, and different countries have different challenges and requests. We tackle
this by identifying the needs of each market and develop a catered solution for each.
Our approaches are boundless. We have a great team around the world and we communicate well. This is the key
to future success.
For example, our F 45 machine has 3 completely new control units, thus the customers can choose the one that’s essential for their needs. We give our customers the freedom of choice. We usually analyse their requirements and suggest a possible configuration of a machine type and let them choose.
Our options are tailor-made for specific job requirements and it would be wrong to force them onto a customer that does not need them.
As we always react to the challenges, our machines and the functions have become more and more flexible. Every customer can get what they want from us.

FDM Asia: What are your business plans for the next five years? How do you feel about Chinese market?
VK: Our market plans vary in different regions. The customers and their needs are most important to us. The one thing that does not change is the high quality and precision of our machines.
We have been present in the Chinese market for over 20 years and experienced it growing very rapidly. It is very exciting to be part of that. We find that the F 45 machine is increasing in popularity and that is reflected in our sales figures. Although our team is growing gradually, we are definitely expanding in China.
Overall, we cannot afford to stay still, we will keep on working very hard, keep listening to the market, innovate, stick to our core values and keep adding satisfied customers to our family.
This year, we are celebrating our 111-year anniversary, and we would not be able to achieve this without happy customers.

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