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Hebrock F2 Edgebander

Space-saving design with impressive specification. You couldn’t wish for a better start in edgebanding. Not only is the 3.3 m long F2 affordable and frugal in its footprint, but it also includes the equipment you need to achieve perfect edges from the very outset: Whisper Cutters ensure workpieces are ideally prepared for edgebanding. Features include a premilling unit (to 2 mm), fast-heating glue pot, trim saw, top and bottom milling station and optional surface scraper. Finish edges to perfection – right from the very beginning. *images are for illustration purposes only. To enquire on pricing and availability please go to "Contact Us"  "New Machine Sales Enquiries"

Hebrock TOP 2000 Plus Edgebander

Equipped with:

Surface scraper with dual-tracing (Optional)     Trim Saw     Top/bottom trimming