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Airtronic Seamless Joint System

“Airtronic” by HEBROCK

Seamless joint: For the woodworking industry, the future is here!

The demands of your customers are increasing
What yesterday was at the top of technological development and used only for prestige or premium products, is now becoming the norm. As customer demands increase there will be technological solutions to satisfy their wants and needs.
Seamless joint is unstoppable
It is only a matter of time until the seamless joint will establish itself as the industry standard for the demanding furniture and casework industries. The aesthetic and functional advantages of the seamless joint are more than convincing. You have the aesthetics of a homogeneous workpiece and the functionality of superior moisture resistance and higher adhesion rate
Save competitive advantages now
“Airtronic” by HEBROCK offers the woodworking industry an inexpensive alternative to the pricey laser aggregates from other manufacturers. Machines with “Airtronic” system can handle laser edges as well as conventional hot-melt glue and PUR (polyurethane). The advantage: with a reasonable investment, smaller companies can increase their competitiveness and can handle jobs from a more demanding clientele.

Hebrock K36-1 Airtronic Edgebander

Equipped with:

Pre-Milling     Trim Saw     Top/bottom trimming     Corner rounding unit     Profile radius scraper     Surface scraper     Buffing unit    


Protection spraying edge – lubrication film for sensitive edging materials (e.g. High Gloss Edgetape Materials). Spraying Workpiece – release agent and cleaning agent spraying unit (highly recommended for PUR use).