Rapido Shimless Scoring Unit

For rapid adjustment of scoring blade without the need for shims. Width of scoring kerf is adjusted with the use of a quick set tool saving time and money.

Vacuum clamping system

Altendorf is the first to apply proven vacuum clamping technology to sliding table saws. The system, which is integrated into the sliding table itself, has at its heart a powerful vacuum pump that generates a vacuum via pairs of suction grippers arranged in the sliding table. The various suction pads positioned along the length of the sliding table can be activated individually at the touch of a button, allowing the vacuum to be matched optimally to each workpiece.

Additional cross slide with floor support roller

This accessory is well worth considering if you plan to be sizing large and heavy workpieces of up to 250 kg. Recommended floor rail: flat steel, 10 x 60 mm (length = 2x table length + 500 mm). The floor rail is to be provided by the customer..

Pull-out cross slide extension

This option makes it easier to cut longer/wider workpieces and increases the width of the support area for the manual crosscut fence.

Parallelogram cross slide (PQS)

Accurate and wear-free, this system features a robust 90° locking mechanism that ensures the right-angle position is absolutely reproducible. The fence can be angled by up to 47° in either direction. The integrated digital display shows the set angle with an accuracy of 1/100° for optimal precision. Also included is length compensation, which is simply taken from a scale when the fence is angled. Stops to 3,500 mm.

Parallelogram cross slide with DIGIT L and DIGIT LD

Developed specifically for the new parallelogram cross slide (PQS), this crosscut-mitre fence shows the distance to all stops digitally in the 90 mm display (diagonal). Length compensation is straightforward once the straight edge has been set to the required angle. The fine adjustment of the distance to the stops is accurate to 1/10 mm, and the angle is shown just as with the standard parallelogram cross slide, helping to reduce your set up time to an absolute minimum. The high-capacity batteries can be recharged very quickly using the integral charger provided. The DIGIT LD displays the angle digitally, enabling a level of precision of ±1/100°. The length dimension is calculated automatically as a function of the mitre angle. The PQS includes two flip stops and fine adjustment.


Extra support while sizing large panels, the STEG enlarges your panel saw's support area by 400mm.

Duplex Double Sided Mitre Fence

For quick and easy angle cuts 0-90º, the DUPLEX gives accuracy in complex mitre work.

Duplex D Double Sided Mitre Fence

Functions exactly the same as the DUPLEX mitre fence with the addition of a digital angle display which operates to an accuracy of within 1/100 degrees.


The DUPLEX DD, which has been patented worldwide, not only eliminates tedious calculations and measurement checking completely, but even removes the need for test cuts. The high precision DUPLEX DD electronics incorporate automatic length compensation and calculate the distance to the stops as a function of the angle on both sides of the fence and display both figures digitally. Digital angle display and digital length display for adjustment, automatic length compensation. Batteries included.

Manual quick-action clamp

The alternative to the pneumatic clamp. The manual quick-action clamp can be positioned on the sliding table easily and is equally easy to fix in place, ensuring the workpiece is reliably retained on the table and against the crosscut fence. It has a clamping height of up to 200 mm and provides extra safety at very little extra cost.

Pneumatic quick-action clamp

Secures the workpiece in place on the sliding table. Activated by radio remote control, the quick-action clamp exerts a clamping force of up to 1000 N to retain the workpiece securely against the crosscut fence. It can clamp workpieces up to 170 mm thick. Available with one or two clamping units. Pneumatic connection to be provided by customer (6 bar).

Pneumatic pressure beam

This is an ideal solution for securely retaining workpieces of up to 80 mm thick, making it particularly useful when working with long and thin materials such as veneers. It comes in two separately-controlled pieces. A 6 bar pneumatic connection is required.

Palin and Palin D

Used in combination with the crosscut fence, the PALIN makes it possible to complete parallel and conical cuts in long, narrow workpieces with absolute accuracy. The measuring system butts against the side of the workpiece rather than the end, so no cutting length is lost and workpieces of differing lengths can quickly be cut exactly parallel without the PALIN having to be moved. The PALIN can be used as an additional workpiece support too if the measuring system is removed. Also available is the PALIN D model, which offers digital measurement display and fine adjustment.

Laser cutting line marker

The laser cutting line marker shows the cutting line clearly for all cut lengths, which is useful when trimming or cutting marked jobs such as steps. Use it to save both time and materials.

Coolant spray device

Use of a coolant spray device is recommended when working with plastics with a low melting point and for certain light metal alloys. Your Altendorf will cut nonferrous metals and plastics cleanly, with sharp contours, to within a tenth of a millimetre.