Technical data

  • MATERIALS - Roll material (Melamine I Polyester I PVC I ABS)   0.4-3 mm. Up to 5mm for solid wood strips. (Manual Feed)
  • Min/max. panel length - 120 mm - unlimited
  • Min/max. panel width - 75 mm - unlimited
  • Min/max. panel thickness - 8-50 mm
  • Panel feeding speed – 5.5-8.0 m/min.
  • Compressed air needed - 6-7 Kg. I cm2
  • Electrical output – 5.09KW
  • Electrical connection – 3 x 380V/50HZ
  • Dimensions – (L x W x H) 3790 x 1250 x 1350


  • Independent Electronic Converters
    PLC for automation integrated in the display window
    High Frequency Motors
    Dust collection outlets for operating units
    Roller support for supporting the panel along the machine
    Electrical system switch with locking device and overload relays for motor protection
    Pneumatic and electronic equipment of leading European brands with CEE regulations.
    Self-braking motors
    Double row of pressure wheels

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.