Hebrock F5 Edgebander

Equipped with:





Trim Saw



Top/bottom trimming



Corner rounding aggregate



Profile radius scraper



Surface scraper



Buffing unit



PLC Control – with touch screen



Nesting – for milling station, radius profile scraper.



Protection spraying edge – lubrication film for sensitive edging materials (e.g. High Gloss Edgetape Materials).
Spraying Workpiece
– release agent and cleaning agent spraying unit (highly recommended for PUR use).

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Maximum performance for edgebanding in the workshop.

If it’s maximum performance you want, the Hebrock F5 is the solution for edgebanding in demanding workshop operations. The F 5 guarantees edge finishing in all stages and directions, as it is fitted with all the components you need for your requirements: Pre-milling aggregate, trim saw, top/bottom trimming, radius profile scraper, corner rounding unit, surface scraper, buffer unit. For even more flexibility on the way to the perfect finish the F5 can also be optionally fitted with a practical multi-radius profile scraper. See for yourself how the Hebrock F 5 finishes, from material cuts through to reworking perfect edges!


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