Hebrock F4 Edgebander

Equipped with:





Trim Saw



Top/bottom trimming



Corner rounding aggregate



Profile radius scraper



Surface scraper




PLC Control – with touch screen



Nesting – for milling station, radius profile scraper.



Protection spraying edge – lubrication film for sensitive edging materials (e.g. High Gloss Edgetape Materials).
Spraying Workpiece
– release agent and cleaning agent spraying unit (highly recommended for PUR use).

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Product Description

First class technology for complete edgebanding.
Anyone wanting to produce completely finished edges in a machine with a
space-saving 4 m footprint length need look no further than the Hebrock F 4. Even
the standard specification includes pre-milling, edge processing and a surface
scraper. The radial profile shaper is available as an option for edge finishing. The
F 4 is very convenient to use too thanks to the optional SPS touch screen control
unit. Add the adhesive interchanger (colour change) accessory and the F 4 can
even work with PUR. Enjoy complete edge finishing – right from the very beginning.


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