Altendorf EVO4U2 Panel Saw

EVO4U/2 Panel Saw


Technical data
  • Motorised rise/fall and tilt adjustment (+46° – 46°) for the main saw blade with automatic cutting height correction when saw blade tilted – Two Way Tilt
  • Eye-Level ProDrive control unit, swivelling & clipboard
  • Sliding table length 3800mm
  • CNC Rip fence, cutting width 1300mm
  • CNC Crosscut Fence – UNO 90 max 2900mm

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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Product Description

F45 EvoDrive

  • Motorised rise/fall and tilt adjustment (up to 46° to either side)* for the main saw blade with automatic height correction and digital display
  • Motorised rip fence adjustment*
  • Motorised crosscut fence adjustment with one motorised axis*
  • Automatic position correction for rip fence and crosscut fence when saw blade tilted
  • Digital speed display or infinitely variable speed control (VARIO)*
  • Motorised scorer unit, two or three axes*
  • Continuous precision axis control using +/- keys*
  • Control of the vacuum clamping system in the sliding table*
  • Easy axis calibration
  • Machine diagnostics
  • Operating hours counter
  • USB Interface
  • “Back” function to recall last set of dimensions entered
  • Memory for 99 cutting programmes
  • Automatic conversion of inside to outside dimensions for the rip fence and crosscut fence as a function of material thickness and tilt angle
  • Compound mitre function with automatic calculation of missing angles/dimensions
Enhanced Tool Management
  • Scorer position memory (three-axis scorer)*
  • Storage of saw glad plate thickness and cutting width
  • Storage of main saw blade speed
  • Memory for a maximum of 100 saw blades
Additional Functions
  • Grooving: rip fence positioned automatically step by step to create the groove
  • Incremental dimensions: rip fence moves out or in automatically by a specified distance
  • Bevel rip: the rip fence is set automatically to cut away the required angle from strips
  • pre-cut at 90 degrees, as a function of material thickness and tilt angle
  • Memory for 999 cutting programmes

*Optional accessory


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