A True Competitive Advantage.

Gaining a competitive advantage in the information age is more important than ever to ensure business success.

Shardean Kitchen’s owners Dean & Sharyn Bryce have recently decided to step up their manufacturing facility with one of the top of the range Hebrock AKV 3005 DK F- Airtronic edgebanders. Specialising in detailed joinery and high end full house fit outs, a machine that produces high end edging is a crucial component in the mix. The AKV 3005 DK F- Airtronic was specially chosen as it is capable of producing a seamless edge, without the price tag of extreme high end machine.

The AKV 3005 DK F- Airtronic has so far far exceeded Sharyn and Dean’s expectations. Skeptical at first regarding the Pre-Milling, Dean has now seen first hand in actual production day to day, the immaculate finishings of the machine’s seamless edge. He’s incredibly happy to deliver such quality to his customers.

Many customers to whom Shardean Kitchens supply flat packs to have also commented on the quality of the edging and are pleased they are to be able to provide this quality to their own customers as a result of the new Airtronic machine.

“The Airtronic is an absolute Game Changer and it’s a real revolution that we can provide our customers with a seamless edge product, something our local competitors are unable to do currently”. – Dean

“I was able to use the machine straight away without any complications or confusion, it felt very familiar from the first use”.- Sharyn

Shardean Kitchens has been established for 23 years, and expanded on the skills learned from Dean’s father who also had his own joinery business for 45 years. Today Shardean Kitchens provide their customers with outstanding service, high quality product exceptional level of customer care.