CEHISA’s DUOMELT glue pot, Edgebander’s greatest asset.

As one of Europes leading Edgebander specialists, CEHISA has engineered a new glue pot system. Their latest DUOMELT glue pot system has been designed to step up productivity and flexibility, improve quality of edged boards, and most importantly, save businesses time and money.

The primary objective of the new pot, is to allow the draining of existing residual glue in under 5 minutes. As those who have experienced cleaning and switching between glue types or colours can testify, this is an extremely welcome upgrade.

Consider the scenario when one switches between EVA and PUR glue, both of which the glue pot can now support, the DUOMELT allows EVA adhesive to be quickly and easily removed before the PUR granules are added. The hassle and time required is now just a fraction of previous technologies, not to mention the fact that most joiners might have simply optioned to stick to a single glue type for all jobs previously.

As PUR and EVA performs best at different temperatures, the DUOMELT system is designed to be directly controlled from the on-board touch screen with easy to understand temperature mapping to precisely tweak the glue temperature for optimal adhesion.

Proudly machined from a single block of aluminium, the chamber internals of the DUOMELT has been designed under strict guidelines of fluid dynamics to ensure the design is free of dead zones and sharp corners that might inhibit glue flow. Combined with the carefully considered slope of the tank, the gluepot is designed to maximize cleaning ability and consistency of glue delivery.

Thermodynamic considerations were also made during the conception of the DUOMELT pot through the use of efficient heat transmitting materials in construction and improved sealing of the glue tank, which in turn translates to minimised moisture absorption for increasing the usable lifespan of PUR glue. Finally, all components in contact with glue are given the Teflon treatment to further ensure better glue delivery and draining.

With the conclusive advantages of the DUOMELT glue pot, CEHISA has outfitted nearly all model of its new line-up to include it. To see one in action and get some helpful information on the units, contact Altendorf at 1800 558 258.