Hebrock AKV 3005 DK F – Airtronic Edgebander

A True Competitive Advantage

Shardean Kitchen’s owners Dean & Sharyn Bryce have recently decided to step up their manufacturing facility with one of the top of the range Hebrock AKV 3005 DK F- Airtronic edgebanders. Specialising in…


Altendorf acquires Hebrock

The Perfect Combination

Altendorf acquires Hebrock

We are delighted to announce that we have taken another step to secure further growth opportunities for Altendorf Group GmbH. Altendorf Group has acquired the Bünde-based family business of …


Transform retail projects

The Hebrock edgebanders are here!

A machine for every business

For 40 years, the German Edgebander specialist has been producing Edgebanders used world wide. Browse through our comprehensive lineup of edgebanders to find yours.


Altendorf at AWISA 2018

Interest at unprecedented levels

It’s been another 2 years and another exciting 4 days. The 2018 AWISA show has come and drawn to a close in what seems like a blink of an eye. Back in Sydney for the first time in 6 years, the show was a success…


F 45 now with an optional air table

Effortless Panel Processing

Altendorf is launching the first air table for the F 45 model as an optional feature. The compressed-air unit operates on the right-hand side of the saw blade to…


Altendorf START 45 Panel Saw

Altendorf START 45

New! Now also availble with overhead guard

The new START 45 allows you to cut solid wood and non-ferrous metals easily and precisely. At a red hot introductory offer from $14,950 +GST, the deal is unbeatable in value. Stocks are limited and offer is valid for February to March only! Get cutting with the incomparably flexible START45.


Altendorf iF product design award

Atlendorf F45 Review

From AWISA Magazine – by Anton Gerner

In 2016, after owning an Altendorf F92T panel saw since 2001, I decided it was time for an upgrade. Not that there was anything wrong with my old saw, but rather that…


Altendorf Magis

The new digital operator guidance system.

Altendorf takes care to emphasise that Altendorf MAGIS is not a cut optimisation program but a new digital, graphical operator guidance system. This smart software takes the data from cut optimisation, detects the configuration of the saw and visualises everything. The loaded dimension specifications for manual fences or automatic adjustment of motorised fences are clearly visible and simplify work from the outset. Easy-to-understand…