Altendorf acquires Hebrock

The Perfect Combination

Altendorf acquires Hebrock

We are delighted to announce that we have taken another step to secure further growth opportunities for Altendorf Group GmbH. Altendorf Group has acquired the Bünde-based family business of …


Altendorf acquires Hebrock

Hebrock AirTronic

A seamless edge for everyone!

“Airtronic” by HEBROCK offers the woodworking industry an inexpensive alternative to the pricey laser aggregates from other manufacturers. Machines with “Airtronic” system can handle …


Transform retail projects

Hebrock Top3005FA

Perfect edging for your business

The Hebrock TOP3005FA is equipped with Hebrock’s Laser Edging System. Allowing a seamless edge on work pieces, it is truly a machine that brings high end edging to the masses.
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Altendorf ELMO4D2

The pinnacle of modern saw

The Altendorf F45 ELMO4D2 represents the cutting edge of modern sliding table saws. Featuring a twin tilting blade mechanism and motorised fences, the ELMO4D2 is an absolute workhorse.
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Altendorf Safety Assistant

Zero Contact Saw Safety Concept

During this years LIGNA tradeshow, Altendorf Group has showcased an accident-avoidance mechanism that is designed to eliminate the flaws of past safety systems…


Altendorf START 45 Panel Saw

Altendorf START 45

Start Precision Cutting Today!

The new START 45 allows you to cut solid wood and non-ferrous metals easily and precisely.  Get cutting with the incomparably flexible START45.


Wa8X Panel Saw

Altendorf WA8X

A workhorse of a machine!

Number one for ease of operation and ergonomics: the eye-level control panel of the Altendorf WA8X panel saw can be pivoted to the most convenient position…


Altendorf Magis

The new digital operator guidance system.

Altendorf takes care to emphasise that Altendorf MAGIS is not a cut optimisation program but a new digital, graphical operator guidance system.